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FAQ-PeterHow do I learn about current job openings?

Goodwill lists all of our current openings on our website. Click on the Careers Opportunities page. Please do not send a resume or cover letter to the Human Resources Department.

Can I apply for more than one position?

You may apply for as many positions as you would like. Once you have established a profile and completed the application, you need only to log in and attach your application to the position of interest.

Is there a minimum age to apply for jobs?

Candidates for our Retail division must be 16 years or older. For all other divisions, candidates must be at least 18 years old.

I would like to submit my resume. Where can I send it?

We encourage candidates to upload their resume with their online application. Resumes will not be accepted in place of the completed application.

Do I have to apply for a specific position?

Yes, we do require that you apply for a specific, posted position. You can access our job openings by clicking on the Career Opportunities page.

What if I submit a resume listing “open” or “any” with regard to positions?

While we are pleased that you are interested in potential job opportunities with Goodwill, we do require that you apply online for a specific, posted position. You can access our job openings by clicking on the Career Opportunities page.

What if I do not have an email account?

You do not need an email account to apply online. However, you will not receive email correspondences if no email is listed. Please make sure to include a valid telephone number so we can reach you.

I am having trouble applying online. What do “validation errors” mean?

Your profile page establishes your account and must be complete before you can begin the application. Blanks with a red asterisk (*) next to them must be typed in for the page to be accepted. If the profile page will not submit, scroll to the top of the page. The missing information will be displayed in bold red letters.  

Common issues:
Username: You must establish a username that will be unique to you. We suggest a common word that you will easily remember, such as your first name and a number. The username must be at least 6 characters in length.
Password: You must establish a password. Again, we suggest a common word that you will easily remember. Your password must be 6 characters in length, and is case sensitive.
Confirmation password: Must match the initial password you entered, and it is case sensitive.
Secret question: Select from a drop-down menu a secret question only you can answer. Anytime you miss a field and need to re-enter information, you will also need to re-enter the answer to the secret question (as well as the password and confirm password fields).

I forgot my username and password. How do I reactivate my application?

If you have entered an email address, you can request your password by selecting, “Can’t remember your password?”  Click here, it will email you your password. If you did not enter an email when you initially created your profile, you will need to create a new account.

I have finished the online application. How do I know that my application was received?

You will receive a confirmation message once you have submitted the application. Also, if you entered an email address you will receive a confirmation email as well.

I completed an application. When can I expect a call?

Unfortunately, due to the large volume of applications received by Goodwill, we cannot respond individually to everyone. Candidates should receive a confirmation response notifying them that their application has been received. Select candidates will be contacted within two to three weeks to discuss interview possibilities.

Does Goodwill offer a benefits package?

Most full-time employees are eligible for benefits. Goodwill offers a comprehensive benefits plan designed to meet the needs of our employees. For more information, please visit the Rewards page listed on this website.

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